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Change It   |   Lead Designer

Branding, web design, print

As contactless cards, apple pay and crypto currencies are the norm for the 21st Century, we no longer have a need to carry money around with us. However, thousands of people who rely on us donating small change are suffering because of it. Homeless people, charities and buskers all depend on our donations. Without spare change, how can we help? 

That's where 'Change It' comes in. It's simple. A homeless person would obtain a pre-paid card and a board with a QR code on it from their nearest supporting shelter. You scan the code which takes you to a website giving you the option to donate as little or as much as you want. That donation is instantly added to the card for them to use in local restaurants and cafe's. 

I created the brand identity from scratch. From concept to completion, I delivered the design of the logo, strap line, branding, the QR board and mobile first website. 


Logo execution

The logo was inspired and designed using only circular shapes to signify unity and togetherness and soft, warm tones were used to promote loyalty and trust. The brand’s mantra is 'Be The Change' and I wanted that to come across in the design. The double meaning behind the word change was used to show that we can 'change' people's lives by donating our 'change'. 


I loved this project for many reasons. I sincerely believed in the cause and was given unlimited creative freedom to build something truly amazing from scratch. I did the entire project for free and donated the money to the charity 'Shelter' as I wanted to be part of the change too.


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